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The MIIPM syllabus is recognised by the Financial Regulator and is a stepping stone to full Associate Membership (AIIPM).

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Founded in 1989, the primary objective of the Irish Institute of Pensions Management (IIPM) is to promote professional standards amongst those working in the field of pensions, with education being central to the achievement of this objective. Today, we pride ourselves on the high quality and relevance of our qualifications and services. In turn, employers recognise the value of the IIPM's qualifications and have benefited from the increased expertise of their staff.

There have been many developments in pensions in recent years as a result of domestic and international influences. Legislative changes, increased emphasis on governance and compliance, products developments and European Union influences means that pension practitioners must work harder to keep informed.

The IIPM education programmes are relevant and rewarding for both students and employers. Students will have a clear path to follow as they progress through their pension careers.

NEW!  IIPM Law & Governance Programme for Trustees 

A professional certification suitable for all pension scheme trustees

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Testimonials from those who have completed the programme...

"The pension world is changing at such a fast rate that the task facing the lay trustee and indeed the professional of keeping up to date is extremely difficult. As an advisor to pension scheme trustees I was looking for a good quality course on pensions that would stretch my knowledge and leave me better informed to support trustees and if this resulted in a formal accreditation, all the better.    

The IIPM Law and Governance Programme for Trustees certainly fits the bill for me. The quality of the presentations delivered by highly experienced professionals was exceptional. The lively discussions and debates between the participants coming from many different backgrounds was an unexpected benefit....  . It certainly satisfied my need for a more in depth study of the issues facing trustees and I would strongly recommend it"   Maurice Johnston is director of Haven Financial Consulting Ltd  and a member of PIBA

"..I was asked in recent months to become a trustee of a small Defined Contribution Pension scheme – a scheme of 46 members....My background is not as a full-time qualified pensions professional.....When you consider the scale of change in the sector, increasing complexity and a growing compliance burden it makes perfect sense to increase the competencies of trustees in general. Hence my decision to enrol on the IIPM Law and Governance Programme for Trustees. I don’t possess the professional network that experienced members of the IIPM would have so one of the great benefits of course participation was to meet with likeminded lay trustees, many of whom will face the same challenges in their role as I do. The course has married the concepts of theory and practice well and the approach involves a good deal of interaction and class participation. The long term benefit of undertaking this course is that I now have a set of guiding principles that I can bring to my role". Declan Morris is a lay trustee of the Veritas Company Ltd – DC Scheme

At APT, we encourage a culture of continuous improvement including professional educational programmes.  The Membership and Associate level IIPM qualification not only promote an increased expertise in our staff but also outline the professional standards required to progress their careers.

Vincent Boyle , Chief Executive of Allied Pension Trustees

Central Bank recognised qualifications delivered by NCI

The Irish Institute of Pensions Management (IIPM) and National College of Ireland (NCI) are delighted to inform you about a range of exciting programmes which have been developed to respond to the changing needs of the pensions industry and the requirements of the Central Bank. These new programmes have been developed in consultation with industry and reflect the needs of pensions professionals working at all levels in the industry and the expectations of employers.