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IIPM Law & Governance Programme for Trustees (QPT)

A professional certification designed for pension scheme trustees and their advisers

Programme Description

The IIPM Law and Governance Programme for Trustees offers trustees the insights and understanding required to carry out their roles effectively. Touching on the many aspects of pension schemes, the programme will focus on the building blocks for implementing good scheme governance and risk management.

The programme covers the core areas of trustees responsibilities imposed by both legislation and social needs, and it examines the liabilities they face, compliance issues and the need for proper risk management. Trustees will have a deeper understanding of how risks can be mitigated through the implementation of good practices and procedures. Issues will be examined for both ongoing schemes and those in the process of wind-up.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is suitable for anyone who has the responsibility for looking after the retirement security of workers and their dependants (i.e. Trustees), and anyone who provides services or advice.

Current course is run completely online through Zoom lectures. 

Cost: €1500.00


October/November 2021 Session: 4 Oct 2021 - 23 Oct 2021 // break // 8 Nov 2021 - 27 Nov 2021
The sessions will be held online 8am to 11am on Monday and Wednesday.
There will be one full Saturday workshop in Griffith College - date TBC - and an additional meeting will be scheduled to do presentations as part of the assessments

Course Brochure and Application