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Advanced Programme in Pension Trusteeship

Advanced Programme in Pension Trusteeship (QPT) bridging course for Associates

What it is

The course offers an opportunity for Associates of the Institute who have successfully completed the Higher Diploma in Pensions Management (Griffith College) to become Qualified Pension Trustees and to meet the Appropriate Qualification requirement specified in the Pensions Authority’s Code of Practice for Trustees. Building on what you have learned in your Diploma journey, the course will help you to apply your learning and experience to the challenges facing scheme trustees and to think and act as a trustee ought.

Who is it for?

Only graduates of the Higher Diploma in Pensions Management in Griffith College are eligible to register their interest. Exclusive to graduates of the Higher Diploma in Pensions Management from Griffith College, who are AIIPMs actively working in pensions and are up to date on their CPD requirements. You will be required to submit a preliminary paper, approximately 500 words, on a subject of current importance to your scheme trustees. The Institute reserves the right to decline to accept a candidate on the basis of this submission.

What is involved

The programme consists of one full day (7 hours) attendance in person, at a venue in Dublin or other convenient location. The day comprises a mix of lectures, workshops and discussion among fellow Diploma/AIIPM graduates. Preliminary submissions identify burning issues which are used as the foundation of problem solving exercises, and a high degree of active participation is expected.


In order to keep the course up to date and relevant, the content will vary through time. The core approach will include:

  • Latest developments affecting pensions and trusteeship
  • Current issues, trustee concerns
  • The trustee perspective
  • Governance, Code of Practice, Risk Management
  • Supervision, compliance
  • Relationships, conflicts of interest, problem solving, ethics
  • Communication
  • Future developments, looking forward.

See below for the draft curriculum for the 2023/24 course.
You can expect to be stretched during the day and to have your conceptions challenged. Do not embark on the course unless you are prepared to commit fully.

What is required of you

As well as fully taking part in the day, candidates are required to submit a written essay of approximately 2,500 words on a relevant issue, drawing on a wide range of their learning from the Diploma course with a specifically trustee slant. The submissions are assessed on the same criteria as apply to the Diploma and QPT, i.e. NFQ Level 8.


The course is designed and delivered by the same people who provide trustee education on behalf of the Institute, all of whom have extensive experience and appropriate qualifications in:

  • Pensions management
  • Trusteeship
  • Governance
  • Regulation
  • Financial matters.

Draft programme for 2023/24


  • Equality, including retirement ages
  • Auto-Enrolment and its implications
  • ESG and SFDR impact
  • EIOPA consultation

IORP Transposition

  • Synopsis of the Directive
  • Actions for Trustees 
  • PA supervision
  • Risk Assessments and Internal Audits
  • Communication with members

Master Trusts

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Choosing a Master Trust
  • Considerations in transitioning to Master Trust
  • Residual responsibilities on existing trustees

Conflicts of Interest

  • How to recognise, conflicts register
  • How to deal with conflicts
  • The role of the Chair, professional trustees

Culture and Ethics

  • Defining both
  • Problem solving and relationship building

All of this is explicitly addressed as if the participants were themselves trustees. This is understood and agreed beforehand as the theme of the programme.

How to apply