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Associate (AIIPM)

The Associate (AIIPM) professional qualification is for those seeking to significantly develop their careers in the pensions industry through attaining an in-depth qualification specifically for pensions professionals and management. It is the only qualification to offer the full range of pensions subjects appropriate for a professional pensions qualification and is recognised throughout the pensions industry.

Members are eligible to sit the Associateship Syllabus – International Pensions Practice, Governance & Compliance, and Pensions Management. Once Members have successfully completed this Syllabus and have completed at least 3 years practical experience, they are eligible to apply for election to Associateship.

Associates may use the designator initials AIIPM.

The Associate is aimed at providing advanced levels of pension knowledge.  Associates may apply to become an IIPM Fellow (FIIPM).


The annual subscription of Associate (AIIPM) is €220.00 with effect from 1st January 2019.