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Gain the in-depth technical knowledge & skills specifically required to operate at a senior level in the pensions industry.

Our courses provide learners with comprehensive knowledge and competence relating to pensions and retirement planning, including pensions legislation, taxation, insurance and investment, long-term financing, regulation and government policy.

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Founded in 1990, the primary objective of the Irish Institute of Pensions Management (IIPM) is to promote professional standards amongst those working in the field of pensions, with education being central to the achievement of this objective. Today, we pride ourselves on the high quality and relevance of our qualifications and services. In turn, employers recognise the value of the IIPM's qualifications and have benefited from the increased expertise of their staff.

There have been many developments in pensions in recent years as a result of domestic and international influences. Legislative changes, increased emphasis on governance and compliance, products developments and European Union influences means that pension practitioners must work harder to keep informed.

The IIPM education programmes are relevant and rewarding for both students and employers. Students will have a clear path to follow as they progress through their pension careers.

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Central Bank of Ireland recognised qualifications

The Irish Institute of Pensions Management (IIPM) is delighted to inform you about a range of exciting courses which have been developed to respond to the changing needs of the pensions industry and the requirements of the Central Bank. These courses have been developed in consultation with industry and reflect the needs of pensions professionals working at all levels in the industry and the expectations of employers.




I would like to congratulate the IIPM on achieving the standard needed for accreditation under the National Framework of Qualifications for their pension programmes. The work achieved by the IIPM to increase the quality and standard of education in the pensions industry is a positive move that will benefit all concerned. These programmes give those working in the important area of pensions administration, the opportunity to achieve professional recognition and I would encourage all members of the industry to pursue formal qualifications.

Brendan Kennedy, Chief Executive, The Pensions Authority